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Project Cargo Logistics Management

Mining Projects

With our experience on some of the largest mining construction projects on four continents, we can assist your team to realize your budget, meet your schedule and achieve your goals.

Some of our experience:

  • Moa Nickel Expansion (Cuba)

  • Koniambo (New Caledonia)

  • Tasiast (Africa)

  • Onça Puma (Brazil)

  • + many other projects


Remote Energy Projects

Energy projects are often taking place in remote areas, far away from normal road infrastructure.  We understand these difficult conditions and we are ready to assist you in developing a cost-efficient solution.

Some of our experience:

  • Total exploration (Africa)

  • Repsol (Africa)

  • Gamesa windmill (Africa)

  • UN fuel distribution (Africa)

  • Dubai World Central

Plant Relocation

Thinking about acquiring an existing plant and transporting it half-way around the world to save you time and money?  Put our experience to work for you and relocate efficiently in a managed process.

Some of our experience:

  • Alcoa Aluminum plant (Italy-Spain)

  • Lisheen Mine (Ireland-Spain-Portugal-Cuba)

Over-dimensional cargo

Your design calls for over-dimensional cargo.  We can assist you as we have done for multiple projects around the globe.  Let us assist your team in the complex step-by-step process to successfully transport over-dimensional cargo from your supplier to your site.

Specialized cargo

Your product is unusual and requires a special supply chain to reach destination efficiently.  You require specialized handling equipment, transport, interim storage or something special to improve you efficiency.  We will help you in meeting your objectives.

Special Services

Are you concerned about protecting high value cargo or meeting special environmental regulations to comply with the transport of dangerous goods?  We review the requirements, identify a structured process and draft the plan.  We have done a few "unusual" operations!

Project Logistics

Let us assist your team from the development of a logistics strategy, drafting a logistics plan to include project shipping list, a shipping estimate, analysis of competitive freight forwarders all the way to the  reception of cargo and the return of your last empty containers.

Route Survey

Not sure about the route, infrastructure, dimensional constraints or seasonal restrictions?  Unfamiliar with the port's materials handling equipment at destination? A route survey will help you determine a shipping envelope and avoid surprises along the way.

Coordination with Freight Forwarders

Unfamiliar with freight forwarding terms and conditions or the international shipping environment?  We will coordinate this on your behalf while you can concentrate on technical aspects of your project.

Finding Specialized Carriers

Too many carriers in the market area  but unsure who to use for your special cargo and to obtain competitive rates for deliveries on a timely basis and without damage?  We will investigate the market, present our recommendations and let your team tender a contract with the top carriers for cargo and routes. 

Investigating Routes

Don't let special cargo sit idle on a trailer for hours or days because of a lack of route planning.  Make sure that the cargo can fit on the transport, that the ship has the draft to enter a specific port. Let us investigate for potential routes and equipment combination to allow delivery to site without costly delays.

Advice on Export/Import

Customs regulations vary between countries.  Don't fall into a situation where a lack of adequate documentation or misunderstanding of local procedures lead to costly delays, additional storage costs or even seizure of your cargo.  We can assist you develop procedures to meet these requirements.

Integrating Services

You have invested significantly in the design and manufacture of your project cargo as well as construction.  What about the process and data flow for  logistics activities and links such as packaging, handling or the special instructions in a foreign land where the stevedores are unfamiliar with your cargo?  We can help you through the process to integrate it all to your ERP.

Load-out Reports

We understand the benefits of a thorough load-out report and its use for insurance claims, reception of materials at the site laydown yards or warehouse as well as handling at the port of destination.  Let our experience assist your team to plan your shipping reports to ensure that you have comprehensive and well-documented load-out reports at the various ports of loading!

Ocean Freight

Will it be break bulk or containers? Will the cargo be shipped on deck or in the ship's holds? Will it be direct or through ports of transit or lightering on barges? When will the cargo be delivered at the port of loading?  What are the various port charges? Let us assist your team to determine the best way to transport your ocean freight cargo in an optimum way to the final destination.

Air Freight

Thinking that the cargo may be too large for an aircraft?  Whether you are only planning for contingencies, let us assist you and investigate potential alternatives to match aircraft size with runway and airfield conditions.

Road Transport

Do you have significant volume across the country or between port and site? We can perform a load analysis to determine an optimal solution, recommend trailer types and avoid costly bottlenecks along the way.  

Materials Handling

While some projects concentrate on transport solutions, many fail to integrate materials handling in the equation.  Avoid costly delays or idle materials handling equipment.  We can analyse your requirements and harmonize the process.


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